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Acrylic Tanks

Acrylic Aquariums
What's Your Style?

These top-view schematics represent the most requested aquarium styles.  We can produce custom acrylic aquariums in nearly any shape and capacity, from50 to over 50,000 gallons.

The Acrylic Advantage

Lighter.  Acrylic aquariums are approximately 50% lighter than glass aquariums.  A 300 gallon glass aquarium would take at least six strong people to carry, while an acrylic aquarium would require only two!

Stronger.  Acrylic aquariums are approximately 17 times stronger thanb glass aquariums.  This allows for more design options, as aquariums can be longer and taller.  Plus they have a greater impact resistance.
Clearer.  Acrylic aquariums allow more than 98% of light to pass through; glass only allows 70%.  You see a truer representation of inhabitants inside.  There is less distortion and no silicone to discolor.

Flexible.  Acrylic aquariums made with proper material thickness allow some flexibility, adding to strength.

Seamless.  A molecular bonding process is used to seam acrylic aquariums. Compared to glass, acrylic allows design versatility, thus eliminating some seams.

Machinable.  When acrylic aquariums are corrctly drilled, routed, cut and tooled, there is no loss in strength.  Glass looses its strength when drilled.

Insulating.  Acrylic aquariums maintain a more constant water temperature because acrylic offers four times the insulation of glass.  An acrylic aquarium will not cool down or heat up as fast as a glass aquarium in the event of a power failure.

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