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Acrylic Tanks

What does our service include?

Our full service maintenance program is designed with the client in mind. We can assist you with time-saving techniques that can benefit what you are already doing or, we can take over the full time maintenance of your aquarium. Maintenance service is scheduled to accommodate your tank and schedule. We can design a service program to fit your budget.

Basic maintenance services include:

• 20-25% water change monthly
• Deionized saltwater included for marine aquariums
• Quality water testing on every visit
• Replacement of filter media & airstones
• Vacuuming of substrate
• Cleaning of interior & exterior of aquarium
• Chemicals, trace elements, pH buffer, calcium, etc. added as needed
• Cleaning of artificial plants and decorations

We offer our clients a full range of services including the following:

• We provide maintenance service for both commercial & residential aquariums.
• We provide commercially rented aquariums, fully equipped with automatic feeders, timed lights, and maintenance service.
• Service can be provided on any size aquarium. We currently maintain aquariums ranging from 30-3000 gallons.
• We service freshwater, saltwater/marine, & reef tanks. We, also, provide lobster tank and pond maintenance service.
• Sea-Clear will deliver fish to your location.
• 24 hour emergency service.
• Full service design consultation provided for new and upgraded systems.
• We offer professional installations and competitive pricing.
• We maintain high standards of professionalism. Reliability and integrity are our keys to success.
• We offer free estimates and references are available upon request.

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